My love and deep knowledge of stills and motion pictures as communication has driven my career. I use this knowledge to create strong still portraits and bring whole video worlds to life for commercials and other media. Quality of light, location, pose, performance and rapport all are components for the best image or moving picture we can create together.

I started my career in advertising in Chicago and moved to commercials in Los Angeles and Toronto. I’m happy to have had the opportunity of working with and creating still and motion images with thousands of wonderful people. Companies such as Oprah, Playboy, Acacia Media, Gaiam, Biglots and the Obama campaign have all been clients.

We moved from Los Angeles and am now very happy to be based at the top of the South Island in the Marlborough region and to raise our daughter here. We can produce in Wellington, Nelson and Blenheim.

I look forward to sharing my skills with any individual or company that wants to communicate through beautiful images. I love to solve creative problems and bring CEOS, kids, fitness people and others to film (pixels) and capture memorable moments in time. Working with my wife on the marketing side of things we can help move you and your business towards your goals.

Thanks for visiting our site and I look forward to connecting with you.

–James Wvinner